H2O at Home – Your Environmental Friendly Company

Founded in France and a member of the Direct Selling Association, H2O at Home penetrated the US market in 2009 and promotes non-toxic and environmental-friendly products – natural home care, organic personal home care, and natural home fragrance. The thirteen-year old company has a vision of preserving the environment while providing cleanliness to households across America.

H2O at Home boasts of having products which abide by highest ecological and quality standards and are not tested on animals. The natural home care collection is composed by microfiber chiffonnettes, natural cleansers and smart cleaning tools while the organic personal care has facial care, bath & body, and luxury microfibers in its collection. Natural home fragrance, on the other hand, is made up of natural palm wax pebbles, aromatherapy, and luxury candles & home parfums. These products are sold through home parties hosted by H2O at Home Advisors.

To become a company advisor, the MLM company offers two ways to get you started. You can either purchase the Discovery Kit worth $99.00 or purchase the Executive Business Kit which costs $230.00. Both kit include training tools, business supplies and a personalized website.

Now, aside from receiving free gifts, discounts, and hostess credits on your home parties, you can earn 25-40% commission on your personal sales and an additional income on your enrolled advisor’s product sales. In addition to these rewards, you can also receive prizes and cash bonuses when you and your team reach certain quotas.

If you want to reach these quotas and receive bonuses for them, you will need customers – a whole lot of customers. Remember that the most successful H2O at Home advisors have never-ending supply of leads. They use marketing campaigns which allow them to attract customers 24/7.

Now, if you’re using old school tactics, you will never be close in achieving the same feat. If you just keep on harassing your warm market and cold calling strangers, you might end up exhausting every bit of your social circle, with little result for your business.

Fortunately, H2O at Home is one the many multi-level marketing companies which keep up with the times and make it easier for their members to market online. Since you are given a personalized website, you can use it as your landing page for your prospects.

Of course, the key here is traffic, traffic, and a lot of traffic. But not just any traffic. You’ll need targeted traffic. Instead of approaching the ones who have little to no interest in your business, you’ll need to attract the ones who are already interested in what you have to offer. Attracting targeted traffic allows you to pitch to the right audience without worrying of wasting your time to uninterested leads.

In order to do this, you can create an MLM blog where you can write promotional articles for H2O at Home and share insightful ideas to the market. You can also build a mailing list, make use of auto-responders, and other marketing tools to get the word out.

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