H2O at Home – Your Environmental Friendly Company

Founded in France and a member of the Direct Selling Association, H2O at Home penetrated the US market in 2009 and promotes non-toxic and environmental-friendly products – natural home care, organic personal home care, and natural home fragrance. The thirteen-year old company has a vision of preserving the environment while providing cleanliness to households across America.

H2O at Home boasts of having products which abide by highest ecological and quality standards and are not tested on animals. The natural home care collection is composed by microfiber chiffonnettes, natural cleansers and smart cleaning tools while the organic personal care has facial care, bath & body, and luxury microfibers in its collection. Natural home fragrance, on the other hand, is made up of natural palm wax pebbles, aromatherapy, and luxury candles & home parfums. These products are sold through home parties hosted by H2O at Home Advisors.

To become a company advisor, the MLM company offers two ways to get you started. You can either purchase the Discovery Kit worth $99.00 or purchase the Executive Business Kit which costs $230.00. Both kit include training tools, business supplies and a personalized website.

Now, aside from receiving free gifts, discounts, and hostess credits on your home parties, you can earn 25-40% commission on your personal sales and an additional income on your enrolled advisor’s product sales. In addition to these rewards, you can also receive prizes and cash bonuses when you and your team reach certain quotas.

If you want to reach these quotas and receive bonuses for them, you will need customers – a whole lot of customers. Remember that the most successful H2O at Home advisors have never-ending supply of leads. They use marketing campaigns which allow them to attract customers 24/7.

Now, if you’re using old school tactics, you will never be close in achieving the same feat. If you just keep on harassing your warm market and cold calling strangers, you might end up exhausting every bit of your social circle, with little result for your business.

Fortunately, H2O at Home is one the many multi-level marketing companies which keep up with the times and make it easier for their members to market online. Since you are given a personalized website, you can use it as your landing page for your prospects.

Of course, the key here is traffic, traffic, and a lot of traffic. But not just any traffic. You’ll need targeted traffic. Instead of approaching the ones who have little to no interest in your business, you’ll need to attract the ones who are already interested in what you have to offer. Attracting targeted traffic allows you to pitch to the right audience without worrying of wasting your time to uninterested leads.

In order to do this, you can create an MLM blog where you can write promotional articles for H2O at Home and share insightful ideas to the market. You can also build a mailing list, make use of auto-responders, and other marketing tools to get the word out.

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Stay at Home Moms – How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Young families, ages 21 – 45, tend to have the greatest need for life insurance. Why? The answer is quite obvious to anyone who actually fits the definition of a “Young Family”. During the “young family” stage, couples are typically just starting in their respective career(s). Young families are also creating the family by having children. Young families are also dealing with a huge amount of debt (home, car, student loans, braces, etc.). While determining the amount of life insurance necessary may vary from advisor to advisor, there are “standard” calculation methodologies present. The problem comes when one of the parents does not “work” outside of the home.

While the “Stay At Home Mom” may be less prevalent than she was twenty years ago, there are still a large number moms who “work at home”. As a husband who is lucky enough to have a “Stay At Home Mom”, I know first hand how valuable the job my wife performs on a daily basis is (as a personal side note, I have the utmost respect for any person who chooses to stay at home versus working out the home, yours is a job that goes without thanks or acknowledgment far too often). The problem that must be dealt with is…how much is the “Stay At Home Mom” worth in terms of dollars and cents? The second (and often hardest to overcome) problem comes in convincing both the husband and wife that the “Stay At Home Mom” NEEDS life insurance. Let’s tackle each problem individually.

Problem One – How Much Life Insurance Does The Stay At Home Mom Need?

The fundamental problem with life insurance is determining the amount of coverage any individual needs RIGHT NOW! In determining the amount of life insurance someone needs, a Professional Life Insurance Advisor will do what is called a “Needs Analysis”. The Needs Analysis may differ among Advisors and/or Life Insurance Carriers, but the general items stay pretty consistent.

Final Expenses (Funeral Costs, Burial Plot, etc.)
Debt Payoff (credit cards, car loans, student loans, etc.)
Mortgage Payoff (while some may debate this, most advisors use this)
Adjustment Period (typically one years salary)
Education Fund ((Private School costs until graduation when applicable and/or total college costs) X # of Children)
Income Replacement (most people fail to go this far in the analysis, we will discuss this in more detail below)

While most of the needs analysis is pretty straight forward, the final component of Income Replacement tends to be the most overlooked and complicated part. In determining the Income Replacement component, the Advisor attempts to compute how much money, today, it would take to replace the income lossed due to the death of the insured. This computation can be difficult since the Advisor is trying to predict how much money that individual would have made over the course of his/her working career. There is no way to get this portion 100% correct. In the simplest form, the Advisor takes the amount of money the person is making today. The Advisor then subtracts any “Passive Income” the family may have (think rental property) that would continue with or without the Insured. Next the Advisor subtracts the annual income of the spouse. Finally the Advisor and Insured must choose a conservative rate of return that a lump sum of money could earn today. Let’s look at an example:

Peyton (our example insured) currently makes an annual salary of $50,000. The family owns a rental house that makes $5,000 a year after expenses (mortgage, insurance, repairs). Peyton’s spouse does not work outside of the house. Peyton and the Life Insurance Advisor believe a conservative interest rate that can be earned in today’s environment is 4%. Let’s look at our calculation!

$50,000 – $5,000 = $45,000

$45,000 / .04 (4%) = $1,125,000

Therefore, in order to replace Peyton’s Annual Income (less passive income) the family would need to place a lump sum in the amount of $1,125,000 into an account earning 4% a year. Please note that the calculation above does not take into account the draw down of principle!

As you can see, when calculating the amount of Life Insurance someone needs, there is a huge emphasis placed upon the insured’s annual income. What happens when the person does not earn income? This is the problem most advisors face when determining the amount of Life Insurance the Stay At Home Mom needs. I have researched this topic in depth, and as of right now, most “accepted” assumptions place the annual worth of the Stay At Home Mom somewhere between $35,000 and $45,000. Is this right? In all honesty I believe there are three answers to that question. The three answers are: Yes, No, and Maybe So! I know personally, that if I had to hire someone to replace everything my wife does for me, my annual bill would probably be more like $60,000.

Problem Two – Convincing The Family The Stay At Home Mom Needs Life Insurance

If we are able to agree on an actual dollar figure to place on everything the Stay At Home Mom does during the year, the next (and biggest) problem that must be dealt with is convincing both the Husband and Wife that the Stay At Home Mom NEEDS life insurance. You may be asking yourself, “Why must both the husband and wife be convinced that the loss of the Stay At Home Mom would cause financial hardship to the family?” I actually ask myself that same question! Stay At Home Moms, how mad would you be if someone said the job you do on a daily basis is not worth anything? How mad would you be if you heard someone say that since you do not contribute financially to the family, you are less important than your husband? By now, I would assume that you would probably be ready to rip someone’s head off. Well, in my dealings with young families, the WIFE makes the life insurance decisions about 75% of the time. Yet, atleast 90% of the time, the wives I have dealt with will decline to purchase any life insurance on themselves!

I understand that most families feel like they need to prioritize expenses like life insurance. I agree, to an extent! If you are a Stay At Home Mom, your main objective should be to take care of the life insurance needs of the “bread winner” first. As a Stay At Home Mom, you look out for the well being of the family unit on a daily basis. Why would you stop looking out for the family at such a crucial time? If you (the Stay At Home Mom) were to pass away today, would your husband be able to resume his day to day activities of providing an income for your family if you passed away tomorrow? Would your husband be able to maintain his current work schedule while at the same time getting the kids off to school? Would your husband be able to maintain his current work schedule and get the kids to soccer practice, swim practice, dance, or gymnastics? The laundry list of extra jobs your husband faces with your death could lead him to an eventual breakdown. If he breaks down, would his job performance suffer? If his job performance suffers, could he lose his job?

This is my call to action for all Stay At Home Moms! Your job is as important (in my opinion MORE IMPORTANT) as your spouse’s. It is time for you to take the credit you deserve and realize your true worth. You work tirelessly each and every day to make sure your family has all it deserves, doesn’t it make sense for you to leave your family in best shape possible when you are no longer here?

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Work From Home Jobs in NC

It is a very challenging task to find legitimate work from home jobs in NC or any other part of the world. It actually takes a lot of patience and research to get one. While searching for an online job, you will need to go through the available types of jobs and look for a list of companies that are known to hire people to work from home.

It is a common notion that work from home companies hire workers from anywhere in the United States but this is not the case. These companies outsource their workforce from particular states. Only a few of them are known to hire from all the fifty states. Some of the states like Hawaii and Alaska have a deficiency of these companies while others like Florida have many.

On top of the companies that hire stay at home workers in North Carolina, there are a number of websites that have listings of stay at home jobs. The following are some of the companies that provide work from home jobs in NC:

Alpine Access

This company employs stay at home workers to make money from home while taking sales and customer service calls from their clients. The workers are paid on an hourly basis which is around $9 per hour. Following an application for work with this company, the applicants are expected to pay a background check fee of $45.

Hilton Hotels

This company hires both full time and part time workers for call center jobs via the Tampa office. It has openings for highly motivated, work from home sales agents. The agents fill the positions of reservations and customer care. The company offers technical and brand support and training to the new recruits. The payment is from $1 every hour.

1800 Flowers

This company temporarily hires full time online workers. They have positions for call center agents. However, the job is seasonal.

Live Ops

This company hires stay at home workers as independent contractors. The applicants are supposed to pay a background check fee of $50 or more. The company has openings for licensed insurance agents to perform variety of tasks like: bilingual customer service, outbound sales and financial services. For the agents to work for specific clients, they have to be certified.

Other companies that provide work from home jobs in NC are: Apple At-Home Advisors, Century Link, Convergys, HSN.com, West at Home, NEW Corp and VIP desk, SITEL, and Ver.-A-Fast among other companies.

With that in mind, those looking forward to make money from home in North Carolina should trend with caution. Work from home jobs that promise a lot of money from a little investment of your time are not legitimate. Legitimate online jobs will always demand that the applicants have specific skills suitable for that type of job.

For one to work from home, they need to have skills like: programming, writing, web design or graphic design. Having the skills is also not a guarantee that you will get the job, set aside sufficient time to research the job leads you come across.

Lastly, you also need to use your common sense because if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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The Role of Mortgage Loan Advisors in Home Mortgage

Well, the field of investment and finance is really difficult to understand. You really need to work hard in order to become successful here. This article could certainly help you in understanding a few concepts of home mortgage. Further in this article we are going to talk particularly about the role of mortgage loan consultants. These loan consultants are really very important for you. Purchasing a home is an essential process of all our lives. So, you really need to make a sound decision when it comes to selecting a proper mortgage loan advisor.

Before delving further in to the topic, let us first understand a few important things regarding home mortgage loan advisors. Well, mortgage advisors are professionals who are legally trained for this field. You can simply rely on these individuals when it comes to your house mortgage options. These professional help you secure best possible deals in house mortgages. They also help you in bringing down the cost of mortgage. So, we can say that all in all they are extremely dependable options for you.

I would like to bring this to your knowledge that mortgage advisors really provide you a number of benefits. A good mortgage consultant utilizes his understanding and abilities to offer the most appropriate home mortgage to go well with a client’s private needs and requirements. The mortgage loan advisor will not though, manage the assembling of the credit and consequently the customer would require to contract straightforwardly with the banking institution to assemble the house mortgage. These consultants usually do not subsist single-handedly in this field.

Now, given below are some of the most important benefits of appointing a mortgage loan officer for your home mortgage.

1. These advisors take care of their client’s requirements moderately. They even sustain and notify the customer from preliminary enquiry all the time.

2. Mortgage loan consultants take time to put on thorough understanding of the client’s individual conditions and objectives.

3. These trained professionals offer unbiased, skilled, exterior inspection of home mortgage products.

4. These professionals and consultants can recognize the most probable mortgage lender in strange circumstances, thus preventing the requirement for numerous credit checks.

Besides, all these things loan professionals offer a knowledgeable examination on the lodging market in common. So, these are some of the essential things regarding mortgage home advisors. Make sure you read this article properly before appointing an advisor for your home mortgage. It could certainly provide you some assistance in this field.

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